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Track Records


Teian Consulting had been involved in implementing many company-wide business process improvement programmes in both large to medium size organizations in Singapore, Asia, Africa and South America.

The Principal Consultant of Teian is also a Chief Resource Person assisting the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), in the transfer of productivity technologies including developing Consultants and Trainers in Productivity Improvement Methodologies and Green Productivity Methodologies to the APO member countries in Asia, African and South America. Details on our international projects can be found here.

Teian Consulting have excellent infrastructure and have assisted more than 600 Companies in facilities planning and setting up of factory or commercial facilities.


Over the years, we have serviced both big and small Organisations from both the public, non-profit and private sector. The industries that we have worked with include:

  • Government Agencies
  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Petrol-Chemical, Oil and gas
  • Shipbuilding
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive Repair
  • Semi-conductor, Electronics Manufacturing
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Printing, Imaging and Design Services
  • Food Catering, Canteens and Restaurants
  • Construction, Renovation and Interior Design Services
  • Education
  • Laundry

Some of our clients are as follows:

Asian Productivity Organization

Development Academy of the Philippines

National Productivity Corporation, Malaysia

Pan African Productivity Association

Productivity SA, South Africa

Singapore Productivity and Standards Board

Singapore Productivity Association

Singapore Noodles Manufacturers' Association

PSB Corporation Pte Ltd

Petronas Management Training Sdn. Bhd

Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn. Bhd

Asean Bintulu Fertilizer Sdn. Bhd

Sime Singapore Limited

E & P Sector, Petronas Nasional Berhad

Petronas Dagangan Berhad

MTBE/Polypropylene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Ethylene/Polyethylene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Malaysia LNG Sdn. Bhd.

Apple Computers Limited, Singapore Branch

PictureTel Service Pte Ltd

Seagate International HeadQuarters Pte Ltd


Grandbanks Yatches Pte Ltd

Keppel Logistics Pte Ltd

Jurong Shipyard Limited

L & M Investment Limited

Harvi Food Services Pte Ltd

Chemitreat Private Limited

Champ Asia Enterprises Pte Ltd

Redwood Interior Pte Ltd

Polar Puffs and Cakes Pte Ltd

Krislite Pte Ltd

Cybermax Enclosures Pte Ltd

Winner Engineering Pte Ltd

Sing Long Foodstuffs Co Pte Ltd

Jumain Sataysfaction Pte Ltd

Apollo Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Novena Furnishing Centre Pte Ltd

Asia Paint International Pte Ltd

Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd

Atlas Vending Pte Ltd

Viscon General Contractor Pte Ltd

ECON International Limited

Anbros Industries (S) Pte Ltd

Hong Kee Foods Pte Ltd

San Ling Motors Pte Ltd

Hoe Heng Pte Ltd


Vanguard Interiors Pte Ltd

Vanguard Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Mr. Teh Tarik Pte Ltd

Breadtalk Pte Ltd (Central Kitchen)




Our SME clients in Singapore include:



126 Eating House

1A Catering Pte Ltd

A Precision Carcool Services

A. H. Precision Tooling

ACBS & Electrical Services Pte Ltd

Ace Comp Services And Trading

Ace Electronic Systems Pte Ltd

Achieve Industrial Machinery

Advance Electrical & Technology Pte Ltd

Advance Protofab Eng & Hyd Pte Ltd

Ah Chow Motor Company

Ah Eng Motor Workshop

Ah Peng Fish Food Supplier Pte Ltd

Aik Che Hiong

Aik Kun Industry

Airelated Services Pte. Ltd.

Albert Metal Works

Allied Printing Pte Ltd

Alumni Construction & Trading Pte Ltd

Alvin Graphic Services

Ang Chin Seng Engineering

A-Plas Industries (S) Pte Ltd

Applied Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Arch Precision Tooling Pte Ltd

Armix Marketing Pte Ltd

Art View Printing & Trading

Asia Canning Manufactuers (S) Pte Ltd

Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Asia Plating Chemicals Equipment

AT Tooling Services

Auson Furniture

Auto Sys Mechatronics (S) Pte Ltd

Avis Wire-Cut & Engineering Pte Ltd

Ban Kim Construction Pte Ltd

Bauhaus Furnishing Pte Ltd

BCF Printing

Bee Huat Food Industries

Beng Tit Trading Industrial Co

Best Hardware & Paint Supplies

Blendforte Trading Company

BMC Music Centre (Musical Instrument)

Boh Loon Motor Company

Bok Sing Hardware Paints Shop

Boon Engineering Works

Boon Keng Huat Interior Service

Bravo Engineering

C And BW Graphic Arts System

C. S. Ong Motor

Cenpac (S) Pte Ltd

Central Chemical & Enterprises Pte Ltd

Century Food Industries

Champ Asia Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd

Chang Sheng Engineering Works

Chempak  Trading

Cheng Hoe Motor Service

Cheng Song Renovation Co

Cheong Cheng Renovation & Carpentry Work

Cheong Fatt Food Manufactory Pte. Ltd.

Chew Hup Ho

Chin Boon Foodstuff Trading

Chin On Metal Work Contractor

Chin Tai & Co.

China Woodcraft

Ching Lye Furniture

Chip Hup Tables & Chairs Rental

Chip Yew Motor Company

Chong Seng Kee Engineering Works

Choon Heng Woodwork & Renovation

Choon Hock Motor Trading Co

Choon Meng Hang Trading Pte Ltd

ChoonKai Precision Engineering

Chop Hup Teck

Chuan Hoe Hin & Company

Chuan Huat Iron Works

Chun Engineering Pte Ltd

Chwee Guan Joss Paper Sticks & Candle Trading Co

Chye Sin Electric Co.

Classic Stationery

Colourtech Packaging Pte Ltd

Commercial Diving Services Pte Ltd

Contat Decoration & Transport (Private) Limited

Convince Creative Centre Pte Ltd

Covenant Digital Supplies

Creative Renovation Contractor

Crystal Teak Construction Pte Ltd

Crytal Teak Construction Pte Ltd

Cycle Marine Engineering Co

D C Tooling

Damuzhi Foodstuff Supplier Pte Ltd

Darlee Precision Tooling Engineering

Dawood Flour Mill & Provision Pte Ltd

De Mei Foodstuff Industry

DI Engineering Services

DI Mould

Dimension Interior

Ditton Engineering Pte Ltd

Doctor's Motor Pte Ltd

Domic Carpet And Cleaning

Double Nine Enterprises

DSL Electrical Co Pte Ltd

Dundeeshill Precision Engineering

E. Huat General Renovation

Ebenezer Coffee Manufacturer Pte Ltd

Echo Signcrafts

Edcotech Engineering Pte Ltd

EDS Engineering Pte Ltd

EG Air-Conditioning & Electrical Works

Eiing Hai Trading (S) Pte Ltd

Elco Electronics Pte Ltd

Elica Technology Industries

Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre

Emtech Engineering

Eng Heng Automobil Trading Co.

Eng Yeow Electric Pte Ltd

Enly Garments

Equate Pte Ltd

Everbloom Trading Enterprise

Evershine Auto

Fa Ji Foodstuff Supplier

Fantastic Ban Mee Manufacture (2000)

Federal Marketing & Printing Pte Ltd

Firetronics Private Limited

FoodTalk Caterer & Manufacturer

Friendly Engineering Trading Company Pte Ltd

Fu Interior Decoration

Furnibuilt & Contract

Genial Winter Pau Food Factory

Genting Nonya-Cake And Confectionery

Glastic Company

Globalcom Information Services Pte Ltd

Glory Coffee Manufacturer Pte Ltd

GO Regional Trading Import and Export P L

Goh Bee Tin Trading Company

Golden Harvest Engineering Pte Ltd

Good Builders Pte Ltd

Guan Chew Construction (S'pore) Pte Ltd

Guan Chip Seng Electrical Trading Co.

Guan Heng Hup Kee Trading Co

Guan Hin Coffee Powder Manufacturer

Guan Hup Lee Pte Ltd

Guan Seng Motor Company

Harry Auto Services & Trading

Heatwell Elements Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Heng Giap Enterprise

Heng Huat Book Binder Co.

Heng San Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

Hiap Leong Gunny Sack Company

Hiap Seng Food Trading

Hiap Seng Press (Pte) Limited

Hin Seng Coffee Powder

HKN International Pte Ltd

HLN Rubber Products Pte Ltd

Hock Lian Huat Foodstuff Industry Pte Ltd

Hock Wah Motor Workshop

Holsen Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd

Home Fibre Ceiling Contractor

Hong Bee Food Industry

Hong Bee Furniture Co

Hong Hui Electrical Engineering Works

Hong Kee Foods Pte Ltd

Hong Poh Garments Trading

Hong Teck Stainless Steel Works

Honhee Auto Pte Ltd

Hoong Poh Engineering Works

Hua Heng Construction Pte Ltd

Huat Soon Lee Engineering Pte Ltd

Hudson Engineering Pte Ltd

Hup Heng Huat Furniture And Renovation Contractors

Hup Huat Engineering Works Company

Hup Siong Industry

Hygrade Precision Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Impact Sign Specialist

Imperial Engineering Works

Indusmat Engineering (1998).

Indusmat Industries Pte Ltd

Infratrade Pte Ltd

Inter-Equip Supplies Pte Ltd

Interior Alliance Pte Ltd

ISO - Dynamique

Italy Hardware Foundry & Trading

J & H Motor

Jackson Bakery & Confectionary

Jenta Decoration Contractor

Jian Ann Chairs & Tables Service

Jims Deli Pastry Shop

Jin Gong Tools Co

Jin Huat & Co

John Holland Electrical & Service Pte Ltd

Jong Wah Workshop

Joo Hwa Fish Balls & Fish Cakes Dealer

Joon Thiam Enterprise

Juat Lip Engineering Pte Ltd

Jubilee Foodstuff Pte Ltd

Jubilee Food Supplies Pte Ltd

Kai Young Huat

Kar Chuan Furniture & Renovation

Keng Leong Joss Paper Co

Kent Marine Electrical & Engineering Co. Pte Ltd

Khoh & Khoh Brothers Electrical Engineering

Kia Hock Furniture & Renovation

Kia Seng Trading Co.

Kian Heng Engineering works Pte Ltd

Kim Hee Trading Company

Kim Heng Sofa

Kim Hock Guan Chuan Kee

Kim Huat Machine Packing

Kim Lian Huat Table Chairs & Canvass Supplier

Kim Men Hardware Trading Pte Ltd

Kimly Machinery Pte Ltd

King's Press (1988) Pte Ltd

Knight Auto Accessories

Kok Lian Furniture Construction

Kon Jee Trading Co

Kong Heng Metal Polishing Co.

Koon Meng Woodwork

Koon Poh Trading


Kriston Food & Beverage Pte Ltd

Kun Seng Air-Con & Refrigeration Services

Kwee Ping Furniture Co

Lai Heng Air-Con & Refrigeration Service

Lamimori Packaging Industries (Pte.) Ltd.

Lea Huat Aluminium Co

Lea Huat Hardware Industries

Lee Bin Hong Pigs Supplier Pte Ltd

Lee Fong Electrical Plumbing Integrated Engineering Pte Ltd

Lee Huat And Company

Lee Kaya Company (S) Pte Ltd

Lee Luew Sing Motors

Lee Plastics Co.

Leong Guan Food Manufacturer Pte Ltd

Leong Guan Food Supplier

Leong Hin Foods Pte Ltd

Lian Chang Interior  Decoration

Lian Huat Dried Bean Curd Manufactory

Lian Hup Huat Interior & Decoration Contractor

Lian Hwee Electrical Pte Ltd

Liang Brothers Motor Serices

Liang Yiap Trading Pte Ltd

Lim Khong Lee

Lim Kim Hock Engineering Pte Ltd

Lim Sing Piling Pte Ltd

Lim Tan Motor Pte Ltd

Lim Yew Siong

Lin Jiang Pte Ltd

Lion King Auto Accessories

Lip Lee Iron Factory

Lit Lit Sin Desserts

Liunchin Trading Co. (Pte.) Ltd.

Logics Hydraulic Services And Supply

Loh Heng Guan Motor Repairer

Loheu Air - Conditioning Pte Ltd

Low Ah Soon Ironwork

Mac-Multi Enterprise (1995)

Mac-Top Engineering

Mapollo Catering

Mei Sin Furniture & Decoration

Mirage-8 Video Electronic Game Service

Moomba Trading Co. Pte Ltd

N.G.P. Trading Construction

Nagoya Automotive Parts Pte Ltd

New Every Day

New Start Health Food Pte Ltd

Newprint Labels Pte Ltd

Ng Tien Seng & Co

Nim Nim Canteen Co.

Old Car Traders

Omark Trading Singapore Pte Ltd

Ong Ah Kuay Trading Co.

Ong Guan Choon Motor

Onyo Engineering Pte Ltd

Orbitig Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Paclin Office Products Pte Ltd

Pan May (Kong Kee) Polythene Company

Parallel Engineering Pte Ltd

Patsi Footwear

Peanut Dry Cleaning & Steam Laundry

Peng Heng General Services

Peng Seng Kee

Phoenix Food Catering

Phua Spray Painting

Pidemko Jewellery

Pin Decor

Pine Marketing Pte Ltd

Poh Heng Construction Engrg Pte Ltd

Poh Liap Metal Works

Poon Poong Motors Pte Ltd

Posh Collection

Power-J Trading Pte Ltd

POWERTECH Precision Engineering

Prime Contractor & Welding Services

Pro-Cool Pte Ltd

Progressive Communication Pte Ltd

Prosperous Iron & Metal Works

Providence Company

Quantum Services Pte Ltd

Quek Hsiong Tee Company

Red Star Laundry Services Pte Ltd

Relic Services

Renown Print Service

Rong Sheng Furniture Company

Royston Engineering Industries

S M Food Manufacturer

Saik Lam Electrical Sanitary Engineering

San Ho Timber Pte Ltd

Sealico Trading Pte Ltd

Select Catering Services Pte Ltd

Sen Metal Works

Seng Beng Siang Food

Seng Chew Electric Contractor Pte Ltd

Seng Fatt Diesel Pump Motors Company

Seng Keen Motor Company

Seng Poh Contractor

Servotronic Motor Workshop

Shanghai Furniture Co

Sheng Fibre Ceiling & Trading

Shin Hua & Company

Shine Autocare

Shoden Nippon Transformer Pte Ltd

Shur-Wipe Trading Pte Ltd

Siang Loong Electrical Contractor

Sie Furniture & Renovation Contractor

Siem Trading Pte Ltd

Silver River Garments and Trading

Sin Guan Noodles Factory

Sin Jit Seng Aluminium Metal Works

Sin Kian Hin & Co

Sin Kian Huat Canvas & Rental of Tables & Chairs Enterprise

Sin Lee Stationery Plastic Co. Pte. Ltd.

Sin Lian Hup Hiring Service

Sin Mue Mue Silk Printing

Sin Sia Garment Supply

Sin Tiong Huat Noodle Mfg Pte Ltd

Sin Yick Seng Construction

Sing Ghee Beancurd Manufacturer

Sing Long Foodstuffs

Sing Thai Hong  Metal-Craft Industry

Singapore Equipment & Welding Repair Co.

Singapore Incandescent Lamps Industries Company Pte Ltd

Siong Lee Engineering Contractor

Siong Lee Seafood Trading Company

Siong Sheng Electrical & Engineering Works

Sitoh Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

Smatra Engineering Pte Ltd

Soh Brothers Gases Pte Ltd

Song Lee Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

Song Luck (Tampines) Cooked Food

Song Seng Motor Co.

Soon Ee Foodstuffs

Stamford Packaging & Distributor

Standard Stainless Steel Private Limited

Starmap Car Services Pte Ltd

Subang Enterprise Co

Swan Lake Food

Swee Aik Food Manufactory

Swee Huat Equipment Services

SynHeat MFG Pte Ltd

Sze Kang Automobile Spraying Services

Tah Kong Engineering

Tai Cheng Motor Vehicle Spray Painting

Tan Chong Kee Trading Company

Tan Lee Seng Company

Targo Singapore Pte Ltd

Tat Wah Battery Service

Tatson Mechanical Engineering

Tay Ah Tee Motor

Tele-Dynamic (S) Pte Ltd

Teng Meng Motor Service

Thai Sing Foodstuffs Industry Pte Ltd

Thye Shan Medical Hall Pte Ltd

Tham Cheong Kee

Thomson Foodstuff Manufacturing

Tian Tian Lai Eating House Pte Ltd

Ting Seng Sauce Supplier

Tiong Chee Furniture Contractor

Tiong Hwa Heng

Tiong Soon Timber Merchant

Tolai Design Decoration Co

Tong Glass Work Contractor

Tony Motor Works

Toply Sofa Industries Pte Ltd

Tradewinds Food Industries Pte Ltd

Triangle Electrical Industries Pte Ltd

Triumph Electrical System Engineering Pte Ltd

TS Packaging S'pore Pte Ltd

Tuck Choy Furniture Construction

Tung Sing Machinery & Embroidery Co.

United Orient Trading Co

United Packaging Enterprise

United Tech Engineering Pte Ltd

Universal Springs & Engineering Pte Ltd

UTOC Enterprises Pte Ltd

Vast Technology

Vorwek Enterprise Co

Wah Keong Furniture

Walker Hill Aluminium

Wandalin Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Wasco Engineering Pte Ltd

Wee Lee Music Centre

Wee Meng Stainless Steel Engineering

Wei Kiong Precision Engineering

Wei Zhong Foodstuff Manufacturer

Welco Metal & Engineering

Wellform Construction Pte Ltd

Willwin Engineering Services

Window World & Interior Resources Pte Ltd

Winner Engineering Pte Ltd

Wintex Engineering Company

Wong Fook Choy Construction

Wong Interior Design Construction Co.

Wong Tinsmith Trading

Wong Wing Cheong Hardware & Metal Works (1997)

Xin Huat Hardware Pte Ltd

Xin Song Lin Furniture Construction

XT-Air Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Yam Kee Fei Fei Noodle House

YanLee Engineering Enterprise

Yeakin Airconditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd

Yih Soon Trading (Garments) Pte Ltd

Yin Sun Snacks & Food Catering Services

Yong Fatt Hardware Manufactory

Yong Fong Eating House

Yong Seng Motor Repairer

Yong Yew Auto & Spray Painting Co

Yong Yew Furniture & Renovation

Yoshi Trading Pte Ltd

Yun Lam Co

Zheng Da Garment Manufacturing

SME e-Clinic™

The SME e-Clinic™ Service introduced since 1996 and is opened to all Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises operating or intending to operate in Singapore. This Service is free of charge (FOC) and the use of this Service is subjected to the attached Service User Agreement. The objective of this Service is to provide a channel for SMEs to resolve their corporate problems and issues. Read more...