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Facility Layout Planning

A good and effective facilities layout will help companies save thousands of dollars through reducing wastes and unplanned mistakes both during the setting up process and during operation. A good layout plan factors in both workspace and workplace design. Work processes and material flow requirements are analysed for activities such as storage, production, work-in-process, final assembly, finished-goods packing and warehousing. The methodology should not be confined only to within the four walls of the factory. It should be extended to the site boundary as well, to take into account the movement and circulation of trucks and containers in the compound.

Teian Consulting can provide consultancy services to advice and assist you to plan and design the layout of your new facilities or improve your existing facilities and bring you through the tested process of Systematic Layout Planning. More information can be found here.


One-Stop Building Plan Submission and Licencing Services



We provide services to advise and assist in planning, submission and clearance of facilities retrofitting plans including licensing.



We provide consultancy services to advise, oversee, manage and coordinate retrofitting works on-behalf of client during implementation of the facilities layout plans.

Over the years, Teian have developed the infra-structure to provide a one-stop building plan submission and licensing services to more than 500 client companies in Singapore.

The industries that we have serviced include Food Manufacturing, Automotive Repair Workshops, Semi-conductor equipment, Electronics Manufacturing, Garment Manufacturing,Furniture Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Precision Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Wholesale and Retail, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics, Printing, Imaging and Design Services, Food Catering, Canteens and Restaurants, Construction, Renovation and Interior Design Services, Laundry and so on.


Building Plan submissions to HDB, JTC, FSSB, BCA, URA, LTA, and NEA

Fire Safety Certificates (FSC)

Certificate of Statutory Competition (CSC)

Services of Architects and Qualified Person (QP) / Professional Engineers (PE)

Services of Registered Inspectors (RI)

Services of Accredited Checkers (AC)

OHS RISK MANAGEMENT <download brochure>

TEIAN can provide consultancy services to facilitate the Risk Assessment process and assist companies in the compilation of Risk Management manual, Risk Register, Safe Work Procedures and Risk controls for implementation. With the Risk Assessment done, companies can then comply with MOM regulatory and customers’ requirements.



All food processing establishments must be registered and licensed with the relevant government authorities like the Ministry of the Environment (ENV) and the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). TEIAN provides consultancy services to advice on the statuary requirements and to assist you in planning the factory with compliance with government requirements and preparing the necessary documents/ systems for the registration of the factory.


Foodshop Licence
Cold Store & Meat Processing Licence
Poison Licence
Application of JTC Factories and Industrial Land

SME e-Clinic™

The SME e-Clinic™ Service introduced since 1996 and is opened to all Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises operating or intending to operate in Singapore. This Service is free of charge (FOC) and the use of this Service is subjected to the attached Service User Agreement. The objective of this Service is to provide a channel for SMEs to resolve their corporate problems and issues. Read more...