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Business Excellence Standard

Excellence is defined as the outstanding practices in managing the organization and achieving sustained world-class results, based upon a set of core organization values. Business Excellence is a systematic and consistent approach in addressing key customer and operational requirements that is integrated with cycles of improvement, learning and innovation. This Business Excellence framework aims to assist organisations to strengthen their management systems and processes for high performance comparable to those of a world-class organization.

Embarking on the Business Excellence journey starts from the implementation of the dimensions prescribed in the BE framework which is first introduced in the United States in 1987 under the name of the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Awards. This framework later formed the basis of the Singapore Quality Awards (SQA) that was launched by SPRING Singapore in 1995. The SQA framework has seven dimensions of excellence including Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results. This framework allows organizations seeking improvements to challenge the Singapore Quality Class certification and the Singapore Quality Awards.

Based on this framework, SPRING Singapore has over the years developed niche standards that focus on management capabilities for people, innovation and service, which are key enablers for business excellence. The People Developer and the People Excellence Award are key milestones of the niche standard for people, the Singapore Innovation Class and Innovation Excellence Award for innovation, and the Singapore Service Class and Service Excellence Award for service.

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services to assist you to embark on your Business Excellence journey. We can assist you in implementing the following standards or niche standards and work towards certification.

  • Singapore Quality Class
  • People Developer
  • Singapore Innovation Class
  • Singapore Service Class


The SME Management Action for Results (SMART) Initiative is introduced by SPRING Singapore to help Singapore-based SMEs develop business management capabilities using the Business Excellence framework. Embarking on the SMART initiative, SMEs will be able to review its management systems using the globally benchmarked Business Excellence framework. The benefits of the SMART Initiative are as follows:

  • More structured systems and processes
  • Strengthened the core team’s common understanding of managing and improving the business
  • Help identify and adopt practical solutions to address key gaps or areas for improvement
  • Better appreciation of which government incentive schemes could support them in the adoption of the solutions

Businesses have the option to perform a productivity diagnosis using the IMPACT Assessment Tool developed by SPRING Singapore as well.

The Integrated Management of Productivity Activities (IMPACT) framework guides enterprises to manage and sustain productivity in a systematic manner. The framework contains steps and tools you can use to put in place systems and processes that ensure your productivity improvements are sustained. The IMPACT framework is designed to complement the Business Excellence framework. By using the IMPACT framework, SMEs should see the impact on their productivity performance of their business in the long run.

This package is designed and prescribed by SPRING Singapore. We are authorised to conduct this initiative using the guidelines and framework provided. Our Consultants work with SMEs over a 1 to 2 month period to develop the business management roadmap.

SPRING Singapore provides an incentive for the consultancy cost for eligible companies. More information can be obtained from SPRING Singapore’s webpage.


According to Michael Portal, for Companies to be competitive, they must improve their productivity and provide value to their customers. To be competitive and grow, Company must constantly innovate and/or upgrade their products, services and processes. Companies need to implement improvement projects that are aligned to their strategic business goals. In this aspect, there are many ways that you can do in leveraging on various types of government incentives schemes for innovation and upgrading of your operations. You can tap on the available schemes to develop your capabilities to create the competitive edge to grow your Company.

Teian Consulting provides consultancy services to advise you on application of suitable Government Incentive Schemes offered by various government agencies to support your capabilities development plans. We can assist you in developing your project plans, facilitate the innovation or upgrading process and advise on the administration of the project.



Strategic Business Planning is an approach the help define and develop the potential of the business. The planning focuses on identifying and improving critical aspects of the Company’s business and its organization to achieve the desired results. The planning process requires Companies to review its current landscape and position itself competitively for the future years. The benefits of Strategic Business Planning are as follows:

  • Common understanding by all senior management staff of the business, their unique attributes, why customers deals with them, business opportunities and threats that it faces
  • Have a clear idea where the business is heading and the actions required to be taken by various positions in the Company to realized the desired outcome
  • Establish a system to allow Top Management to make the Strategic Business Plan work and ensure the Company moves in the desired direction

Teian Consulting provides consultancy services to advise, analyze and facilitate of the Strategic Business Planning process. We conduct planning workshops to facilitate data analysis and decision making at various stages of the planning. At the end of the project, we will provide you with a Strategic Business Plan that outlines the short-term and long-term plans for implementation of various actions to realize your desired outcomes.



You must have heard from management gurus saying that “you cannot manage or improve a process if you fail to measure it”. Measurement of performance in Organization is an important aspect of management and improvement of business processes. The objective to understand the current landscape so that plans and actions can be taken to manage and improve the processes to arrive at the desired objectives. It should not be taken as a textbook exercise. There are many approaches being used in the industries. For example, we have the balanced scorecard approach developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton that focus on the four perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal Business Processes, and Learning & Growth and the Productivity Measurement approach that look at the effectiveness and efficiency of processes against resources utilized.

The performance measurement system usually contains a set of performance or productivity measures called key performance indicators (KPIs) can be developed for each Unit or the Organisation as a whole. The KPIs are assembled in to a scorecard to communicate and monitor the performance the Unit or Organisation. The unit scorecards are aligned and mapped to the corporate scorecard with the intention of helping the organization achieve the desired corporate objectives and vision. The benefits of implementing the performance management system are as follows:

  • To get an integrated view of the overall performance of the Unit or Organisation
  • To facilitate review the past and present trends and bench marking of performance against its groups, trade or industry, to aid strategic planning
  • To monitor budgets and forecasts on a regular basis
  • To set annual or ad-hoc objectives and targets for challenge by managers and their team

Teian Consulting provides consultancy services to assist you to develop your Performance or Productivity Measurement System. We will identify and facilitate the development of a list of KPIs relevant to your business, establish the scorecards of respective Units and Corporate as a whole, defining the measurement process, responsibilities of stakeholders and advise on implementation of the system.



Training Needs Analysis (TNA) helps organizations to focus on the appropriate training and development needs of its employees. Training Needs Analysis assesses the gap between actual and desired performance. This gap can be seen as the deficiencies within operational activities or as deficiencies in the job performance abilities of employees. Hence it is imperative that Training Needs Analysis be conducted to address this gap between the actual performance and the desired performance of employees.

Training Needs Analysis help to identify the present level of performance, identify which employees need what kind of training and determine whether the organizational climate supports the training efforts towards achieving organizational objectives.

Teian Consulting provides consultancy services in conducting a task analysis for various levels of staff, identifying the existing skills and knowledge of staff, assessing the training needs of job positions and formulating an organization-wide total training plan. At the end of the project we will prepare a total training plan that addresses the training requirements of all the positions in the organization.



On-the-Job Training (OJT) is the planned and logical system of coaching and training employees by immediate supervisor or managers. This is one of the most effective way of transferring job-related knowledge and skills through practical coaching by immediate supervisors at the workplace.

Most organizations have some form of On-the-Job Training. However, in order for OJT to be effective it has to be conducted in a structured manner. Teian Consulting provides a structured-OJT system to assist organisations in conducting OJT for their employees. The benefits of the structured-OJT system are as follows:

  • OJT can equip your employees to handle new sophisticated equipment, reducing defects, improving operational performance and reducing customer complaints
  • Specified job knowledge and skills are transferred directly to employee. Critical and detailed elements of the job are not overlooked
  • Employees gain experience in the actual work environment where supervisors can observe, correct and reinforce skills of their staff
  • More importantly, employees can still be productive while they learn

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services in the development of the OJT blueprints and coaching the implementation of the OJT system for your organisation. To support the implementation of the Structured-OJT system we offer the following training services:

  • OJT Management Seminar for Management
  • OJT Facilitation Course for Executives and Supervisors
  • OJT Blueprint and System Development Course

SME e-Clinic™

The SME e-Clinic™ Service introduced since 1996 and is opened to all Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises operating or intending to operate in Singapore. This Service is free of charge (FOC) and the use of this Service is subjected to the attached Service User Agreement. The objective of this Service is to provide a channel for SMEs to resolve their corporate problems and issues. Read more...