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Improving Productivity

Productivity is an "attitude of the mind". It is about people adding value to a work process by their skills, team spirit, efficiency, pride in work and customer orientation, aided by equipment and systems. Thus, productivity is not just about getting maximum efficiency by “doing things right” but also achieving maximum effectiveness by “doing the right things”. It is necessary to go beyond the basic input-output relationship to understand the determinants of productivity improvement. Productivity is often defined as:

Productivity = Efficiency + Effectiveness
= Doing things right + Doing the Right Things

To improve productivity, organisations must understand their current productivity performances and thereafter identify opportunities for improvement. Infrastructure must be set up to engage people in the oragnisation to improve the operations in a structured manner through the use of tested improvement techniques. Depending on each situation, Organisations can adopt different approaches to achieve productivity improvement by managing its output and input resources.

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services to assist you in assessment of your productivity level, diagnosis of productivity issues and development of action plans for implementation. Our Consultants can facilitate, train and coach your staff during the improvement process. Specifically, our services are summarised as follows:

  • Productivity Performance Assessment
    We provide consultancy services to conduct the Productivity Performance Assessment, a first-level diagnosis of a Company’s productivity performance that look at utilisation of the resources for value creation and bench marking against the performance of other organizations in the industry. The study will include the key productivity indicators like Labour productivity, Labour cost competitiveness, Labour cost per employee and Capital Productivity.

  • Productivity Diagnosis
    We provide consultancy services to conduct Productivity Diagnosis to determine the underlying issues at the workplace or at the Organisation level to develop an action plan that will outline the details for the improvement of productivity in the operations.

  • Productivity Measurement System
    We provide consultancy services to develop suitable productivity measures at both the Corporate and Unit level to measure and monitor productivity performance. The measures will enable Companies to set improvement objectives and monitor achievements in various parts of the Company. More information can be found here

  • Company-Wide Productivity Improvement
    We provide training-led consultancy services to help you implement a company-wide productivity improvement programme right from planning, launching, implementing and sustaining of the entire programme. Our Consultants can also facilitate productivity improvement work teams to address different productivity issues in the Organisation. To support the implementation of Productivity Improvement Programmes, we offer the following training services:

  • Productivity Improvement Seminar ~ for Top Management
  • Productivity Methodologies for Managers ~ for Management and Managers
  • Productivity Practitioners Course ~ Executives and Supervisors



The term 5S is the acronym for 5 Japanese words : Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. Broadly translated, 5S means good housekeeping and workplace organisation. 5S is the unique Japanese approach to basic shop-floor management. When combines with good visual practices, 5S becomes a indispensible tool in creating a productive and visual workplace.

The practice of 5S helps to inculcate in the employees an attitude for improvement, the "kaizen" or continuous improvement mentality and good work discipline that is vital for improvement of productivity at the workplace.

In recent years, many organisations all over the world have begun to realise the importance of 5S and have implemented it at their workplaces. Our consultants are among the pioneers of 5S in Singapore and have helped more than 600 companies introduce 5S since 1993. The benefits of implementing 5S are as follows:

  • Improves productivity
  • Improves equipment performance
  • Improves quality
  • Improves safety at the workplace

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services in diagnosis, coach and audit your organisation in the various phases of Implementation of the technique: Preparation, Training, Launching and Sustaining Phases. To support the implementation of 5S Visual Workplace, we offer the following training services:

  • 5S Management Seminar for Top Management
  • 5S Facilitators Course for Managers and Executives
  • 5S Members Course for Rank and File Staff
  • 5S for the office for Office Staff
  • 5S Visual Workplace Methodologies for Practitioners



Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) produces a well-planned facility that results in lower operating cost, minimization of waste, lower worker fatigue and a healthier working environment that will lead to higher productivity and profitability.

Systematic Layout Planning is widely used in both the manufacturing and service environment whenever there is need for Companies:

  • Set up of new facilities
  • Expand the current facilities
  • Re-arrangement of existing facilities
  • Consolidation of current operations
  • Relocation of operations

A good layout plan factors in both workspace and workplace design. Work processes and material flow requirements are analysed for activities such as storage, office activities, production, work-in-process, final assembly, finished-goods packing and warehousing. The methodology should not be confined only to within the four walls of the factory. It should be extended to the site boundary as well, to take in to account the movement and circulation of trucks and containers in the compound.

The concept is not confined to manufacturing or logistics set-ups. It can also be used for laying out an office complex and used whenever a company moves to new premises.

There are many established methodologies used by Industrial Engineers in layout planning. The methodology for systematic layout planning adopted in Teian Consulting is as follows:

Step 1 : Data collection and charting of relationshipsbr
Step 2 : Establish space requirements
Step 3 : Development of block layouts
Step 4 : Compliance to legal requirements
Step 5 : Detailing of selected layout
Step 6 : Installing of layout

Teian Consulting provides consultancy services to assist you to plan and layout your new or improve your existing. One-stop building plan submission and project management services can also be incorporated. More details on facility planning and project management services can be found here.

Teian Consulting can conduct Systematic Layout Planning and/or Relocation Risk Management Workshops for your in-house project team, and thereafter provide coaching services to advise you to plan, manage, execute and implement your facility set up and relocation process.



Lean Management is to do things “cheaper and faster” utilising lesser resources. It is a proven technique for improving operations and delivering your products or services using less manpower, less floor space, less capital and less processing time. The system will allow you to meet the quality, cost and delivery requirements of your customers thereby improve the satisfaction level. Many world-class companies including Toyota Motors, Seagate, Dell Computers and so on have adopted Lean Management. The technique is applicable in all sectors of the industries including services, commercial and manufacturing.

In order to be flexible and quick in responding to constant changes in customer demands, many organizations have embarked on the Lean Management journey utilising various lean management methodologies like value stream mapping, 7 wastes, mistake-proofing, process standardisation, 5S, process flow and employee engagement. Benefits of implementing this system include increasing process output, quicker in response to your customers and reducing complaints or rejects from the operations.

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services to coach and facilitate implementation of lean management projects in your organization. To support the implementation of Lean Management, we offer the following training services:

  • Lean Management Methodologies for Managers and Executives



Six Sigma was introduced by Bill Smith, a scientist within Motorola’s Communication Division to respond to increasing complaints about warranty claims. The approach has now become a proven means of achieving world-class excellence and helping companies like General Electric, Motorola, Honeywell and so on in gaining market share and improving profitability. The technique that makes your products, services and processes “better”, is an accelerated improvement business strategy and methodology that is rapidly being adopted my many world-class organizations through out the world. The benefits of implementing this technique include:

  • Reduces operational cost
  • Increases profitability
  • Improves organisation’s image
  • Improves ability to service customers
  • Reduces process cycle time
  • Reduces rework or customer complaint handling requirements
  • Optimises the use of operational resources

The complex system and tools of Six Sigma is now available in digestible form for organisations through Teian Consulting’s Six Sigma Methodologies system. The system for Six Sigma provides you with the means to compute your process sigma performance, conduct the DMAIC process improvement cycle and use critical tools or approaches to help you manage and improve the processes in your organization.

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services to coach and facilitate the implementation of Six Sigma projects in your organisation. To support the implementation of Six Sigma technique, we offer the following training services:

  • Six Sigma Methodologies for Managers and Executives



Green Productivity (GP) is a strategy for enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall social-economic development. It is the application of appropriate tools, techniques and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of organisations’ activities, goods and services. In 1996, it was declared that, ‘Environment protection should be promoted without sacrificing productivity’. This window had enabled both large and small companies to improve their environmental performance even though many of their initial concerns were on productivity and profitability.

The approach, the GP Methodology comprises of 6 steps. What makes the approach special is that it includes the task of an investigative walk-through process of the entire workplace and reviewing resource utilisation at each step through the technique of material balance. It brings about the opportunity to apply various environmental improvement techniques like 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), Eco-mapping, Waste Stream Segregation, Energy Conservation, Input Material Changes, Design for Environment, Life Cycle Assessment, etc. The flexibility of the technique enables management and productivity techniques to be easily incorporated in to the improvement process.

GP helps in reducing the cost of operations through better resource utilization, reducing long-term liabilities, complying with government regulations, and improving corporate image that will eventually impact profitability. GP has also been successfully implemented in the service, agricultural, manufacturing and community development sectors.


Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services to implement and coach your organisation in the various phases of Implementation. To support the implementation of the Green Productivity Methodology, we offer the following training services:

  • Green Productivity Awareness Seminars
  • Green Productivity Methodologies for Managers, executives and supervisors



Total Quality Management (TQM) can be defined as an operating philosophy that is totally committed to Quality. It focuses on continuous process improvement through the participation of everyone in the organisation. Its primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. Over the years, many organisations all over the world have turned to TQM to improve their productivity, service effectiveness and competitiveness to meet the ever-rising expectations of their customers. In many organizations, TQM forms the over arching continuous improvement philosophy that help them embark on their journey and eventually achieve business excellences in their operations. The philosophy incorporates various specific productivity, quality and environmental techniques to address specific issues. These techniques engage their employees in achieving the goals set annually and being deployed to various levels in the organization by management.

Our consultants have assisted numerous companies from both the manufacturing and service sectors, in Singapore as well as Malaysia, in TQM implementation. Our approach is adapted from the best practices from Japan and the US emphasizing on practical application of various productivity techniques to engage employees at the workplace.

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services in implementing your TQM programme. To support the implementation of Total Quality Management we offer the following training services:

  • TQM Top Management seminar for top management
  • Quality Management seminar for managers
  • Quality Leaders course for supervisors and executives
  • Quality Induction course for rank and file staff
  • Quality Circles Methodologies



Staff Suggestion Scheme is a popular employee engagement program for tapping ideas for collective innovations to improve products, services and processes in organizations. There are differences practices being used in the industry. Some believe in getting high quality and fewer suggestions. These organizations often set in place handsome rewards to workers on suggestions that are considered innovations and greatly impact the financial performance of the organization. From experience, these types of highly innovative suggestions are rare and hard to come by. On the other hand, there are organizations that focus on small incremental continuous improvements (Kaizen) and that they create systems to tap on the wisdom of each and every worker in the organisation.

The Staff Suggestion Scheme is not about merely announcing to all staff about the scheme and installing a few suggestion boxes to automatically collect suggestions. Very often, the boxes become rubbish bins and collect all sorts of items but not suggestions. In fact, the Suggestion Scheme is one of the most sophisticated employee engagement program besides 5S or the Quality Circle. Suggestion Scheme needs to be structured with every detail worked out before implementation. A well-structured Suggestion Scheme should have these elements; organization, policies, management system, evaluation procedure, award system, incentive system, recognition and monitoring System.

Teian Consulting provides training-led consultancy services to assist you in designing and coaching the implementing the system in logical phases. To support the implementation of Staff Suggestion Scheme we offer the following training services:

  • SSS Management Seminar for Management
  • SSS Facilitators Course for supervisors and executives
  • How to make Quality Suggestions for other level staff

SME e-Clinic™

The SME e-Clinic™ Service introduced since 1996 and is opened to all Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises operating or intending to operate in Singapore. This Service is free of charge (FOC) and the use of this Service is subjected to the attached Service User Agreement. The objective of this Service is to provide a channel for SMEs to resolve their corporate problems and issues. Read more...